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Our services

Our team of civil law notaries and lawyers has earned a reputation of providing technically led, understandable and actionable advice. Each service we offer is rooted in unparalleled expertise and unique client insight but we don’t apply a uniform problem solving process. We work from the client up, approaching practice with fresh eyes and an inquisitive mind. There’s as much skill and value in selecting the right service to offer as there is in providing it effectively and efficiently.

Scaling up internationally is a multidisciplinary endeavour.  It brings together tailored approaches to complex business and legal problems and processes, something we eagerly champion with our adoption of collaboration and technology.

Close collaboration with our clients doesn’t just inform our advisory approach. It sets the scene for the most personal and effective ways to work alongside them. Over time, we become trusted sources of both business, legal and creative guidance and inspiration. And we think it’s a gap we bridge particularly well.

Test our performance; we bring together an international team of experts and the latest technology for superior communication and great innovative services. That's where our legal support goes beyond law.


Our advisors are equally as strategic as they are creative in their approach to delivery. Factors such as risk and complex restructuring challenges aren’t viewed with fear and limitation; they are approached with a keen aim to uncover opportunity. It’s in these opportune moments that we can guide our clients towards a bold and positive business mindset, an approach that will serve them well now and in the future.

Because we understand in detail the key corporate issues relating to our clients, we are able to act as a valued adviser to support them on a wide range of matters. From offering strategic advice on corporate governance issues to tackling complex legal challenges posed by joint ventures and strategic alliances, Triple T can implement an array of cross border, multi-disciplinary approaches.

Value is the eternal goal. We constantly aim to guide and support our clients to become as savvy on how these practices impact their organization as we are.

We turn risk into opportunity. Risk can often inspire new routes for opportunity so we always keep our eyes and minds open.

Finance and Funds

Financial services go hand in hand with rigorous regulations. It can be complex areas to navigate. Our extensive international expertise and deep legal and business understanding are invaluable in steering your company towards international best practice.

With a free flow of world class legal support on tap, we support and advise our clients on matters of structured finance, lending solutions for the banking sector and getting to grips with complex lending structures, restructurings and rescue securitisations.

Triple T have long-standing strengths in fund formation, pension fund advisory work and the structuring of PPI’s. We cover the tax and regulatory aspects too. Whether you’re looking for guidance on the day-to-day challenges facing your business or hands-on support with major one-off projects, we’re here to help.


Tax is an important focal point for any cross border business. Our tax advisory is essential to the success of our client’s business. Our services set in motion a lifetime of great practice. Our practical, technically-proficient advice is catered, as always, to each unique client and is delivered with their individual objectives in mind every time. Our expertise bridges the gap between domestic and cross-border tax services and hopes to guide and empower our clients with a better understanding of the tax laws that surround their business. From structuring and planning to effective reporting and risk management, we work very closely with our clients to identify tax risks and successfully mitigate them. As well as offering expert guidance on where your tax benefits lay and how they can be actioned for success.

We’re all about sharing our knowledge and creating a community of creative, confident clients. Be part of a new era in law.
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